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Sri Dalada Maligawa


The Temple of Tooth at kandy is the final location of the sacred tooth of the lord Buddha which was brought to srilanka during the reign of king “keerthi sri Megawarna” by prince “Dantha” and Princess “Hemamala” from the kindom of kalingu India. more>>>>




A very few miles but a world away from Kandy, there's a sequence of 14th century temples--Gadaladeniya, Lankatilaka, Dodanwela, and Embekke--dedicated to Vishnu, Natha, and Kataragama, three of the guardian deities associated with Sinhalese Buddhism.  Lankatilaka (or Kandyan Lankatilaka, to distinguish it from a Lankatilaka at Polonnuwara) is often described as among the most remarkable of all Sri Lanka's temples because the building fuses in a single structure both a Buddhist vihara, or shrine, and a Hindu devale, or temple.  The architect was one Sthapatirayara, from South India.

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